Center for Research &
Management Consulting
SRG Bangladesh Limited

Management Consulting
Corporate Re-engineering/Re-structuring, management system development, management support services, public management & institutional development, enterprise & SME development, banking & financial services, management skill development and training, compensation survey & planning, organization of training programs, seminars, workshops, conferences, etc.

Analysis and Research
Analysis of social, political and economic conditions, market studies & research, sector analysis, financial and support programs, best practice studies, Delphi studies, potential analysis, scenarios, project and program evaluation, etc.

Development Consulting
environment & climate change, agriculture & forest, fishery, poultry & livestock, energy & power, telecommunication & IT, health & population, education, water & sanitation, textile & jute, transport & infrastructure, tourism & hospitality, media & publication, rural development & poverty alleviation, law & justice, democracy & governance, etc.

Business Consulting
Project designing, Technology search & transfer, Financing & investment, proposal, Pre-Investment feasibility study, Market study & research, Business/Market plans, Sectoral/ Sub-sectoral study, etc.

Project Management
Project designing & development, organization, monitoring and evaluation (M&E), project monitoring & impact evaluation, project cycle-management, financial concepts, international project management, procurement monitoring & management, etc.

Communication and Training
Training programs, workshops, seminars, symposiums, executive and team coaching, conference management, multimedia documentation and presentation.